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Your needs

Pre-test your web apps and mobile ad campaigns

Confirm how efficient advertising stimuli are via mobile apps, web and in game advertising.

Verify innovative user experience with your client and prove its impact.

  • An independent, scientific validation to confirm the potential of an innovative user experience.

All of this within your client’s schedule

(matchic) labs

Matchic Labs, specializing in digital client experience research, offers eye tracking testing solutions in a real mobile environment to prove advertising effectiveness

  • Our patented technology and tools are providing state of the art analysis of web and mobile interactions and interfaces : « Layer Eye Tracking ® »
  • A flexibility that fits your tight project schedule,
  • Deployment of a multi « eye trackers » fleet to enable vast data acquisition and analysis in a just couple of days.
  • More information on our web eye-tracking and mobile eye tracking offers at

Our offer includes

Ad campaign pre-tests on large (up to 150) or small (starting at 20) samples

Samples segmented up to your request

Multi lingual or international tests available

The aggregation and rigorous multi variate analysis of the results of data measured in labs, quantitative measures and qualitative interview results.