You are a e-commerce,
m-commerce company

Your objectives

Effectively test your mobile and web applications.

Analyze the effectiveness of your mobile communication tools (apps, games, etc.)

Implement conversion, adoption or learning tests, for a precise evaluation of your user interfaces performances

Precisely measure user performance gaps and correct accordingly.

(matchic) labs

In order to enhance your digital offering, Matchic Labs provides a complete range of user testing solutions. These solutions are adaptable to fit your projects needs. All our user research services are defined by

  • Rigorous analysis, guaranteed by our methodology, based on our proprietary solutions such as eye-tracking for mobile interfaces in real mobile situations, analysis of dynamic areas of interest on mobile apps and the dynamic analysis of areas of interest.
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  • Methodology to select development priorities based on the comparison of user performances on strategic scenarios

Our offer

An integrated and rigorous analysis in the project management cycle, all within your timeframe.

Agile tests, validation and detection tests, always adapted to fit your development process.

Consulting on the optimal size of your test sample and confidence analysis to secure the best analysis possible and the optimization of your application success.

A scientific basis linked to a robust interaction analysis methodology and a strong experience.