Our expertise: Eye Tracking
measuring interactions
to control performance

Measure interactions

User research and pre-testing

Benefit from our clients’ approved methodology to evaluate and enhance mobile web and software applications

For user testing as well as ad effectiveness research, Matchic Labs developed an analytic toolbox, making possible the accurate measurements of interactions between your product and your target

Our offer meets your industry needs
. Communications and advertising agencies
. Banks and financial institutions
. E-commerce and m-commerce companies,
. Small businesses, startups, and UX consultants


We offer testing solutions for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, designed to measure true mobile interactions of any size of user samples

Our tests are adapted to your needs; they provide accurate data, strong analysis and concrete recommendations

More information available at:
. mobile-eye-tracking.com for mobile eyetracking
. web-eye-tracking.com for web eyetracking

Disruptive technology

In 2015, our eye-tracking technology for mobile devices received the European Commission Award - Horizon 2020 - SME Instrument - Open Disruptive Innovation, and in 2011, the Scientipole Initiative Award

Because our clients’ questions need answers, Matchic Labs is always in R&D mode pushing the limits of current interaction testing technologies.

Matchic Labs is the only company to bring its clients a reliable eyetracking solution to test smartphone and tablet apps in true mobile situations.

User research lab

Our Lab is Your Lab, in the heart of Paris.

Here, you can test your mobile, tablet and web apps in the best environment for data acquisition and analysis.

We also offer testing services within our clients local markets, close to their customers

You need more information on our test environment? Please contact us !


Performance control

Decision making support

We offer our clients objective tools, helping them in their application development strategy definition.

Our golden rule is to bring you precise measurements that will support the decision making process.

Utilizing our services, clients spare project development time and money, significantly improving project team communication.


Our user experience measurement system is based on a usability-scoring model compliant with ISO 9241.

Our measurements benefit major projects such as recurring tests for the French National Health Insurance Fund as well as a vast French Army recruitment campaign.

Our approach of advertising effectiveness on mobile apps or in-Game analysis is based on industry standards and our patented eye-tracking technology on mobile devices.

Project management

We work within our clients’ planning requirements.

Matchic Labs guarantees 100% on-time results delivery.

Any questions on a testing cycle, a specific constraint, or on your app performance goals?
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Some clients

More information
  • Armée de Terre
  • Crédit Mutuel Arkéa
  • L'Assurance Maladie
  • TBWA\