You are a small business,
a start-up, a UX consultant

Our offer includes

User testing sessions to optimize your mobile or web app users’ experience, identification and correction of usability issues.

Conversion and adoption testing, learning effect testing

Accurate measuring of user performances based on proprietary eye-tracking technologies (adapted to full mobile interactions)

(matchic) labs

Responding to your industry’s strong and specific constraints, Matchic Labs proposes a dedicated offer.

User experience specialists, we have developed a robust methodology, a state of the art technology and tools to answer your concrete questions and needs:

  • User tests in real mobile context and on dynamic apps, thanks to our proprietary technology and tools to analyze mobile and web interfaces – « Layer Eye Tracking ® ».
  • An unique offer of game testing with our patented eye-tracking technology on iOS and Android devices
  • User experience enhancement to increase Appstore rating.
  • Our testing process is adapted to fast development cycles and will meet your “time to market” objectives
  • More information on and

(matchic) labs
also means

Web or mobile apps: User experience, enhancement proposal

Features focus, conversion, adoption and learning tests

User performance measurement, test preparation, eye-tracking test data acquisition and analysis (Matchic Labs, or Tobii technologies based on needs)

A flexible offer adapted to small organizations and development teams

Agile testing, validation tests, and detection tests

Key findings and actionable results delivered in a few days.